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A Smallpeice Trust Think Kit comes with the tools and resources to start or help sustain a STEM Club for up to 20 students in a school. Each kit complements the National Curriculum in science, technology, engineering and maths and lets teachers bring these subjects to life in new ways.

Our Think Kits are even more vital during these challenging times when many students are behind in their education. Research shows that the impact of the pandemic has affected the most vulnerable students the hardest. Those from disadvantaged backgrounds often remained shut out when their schools closed for a third of the academic year.

We urgently need additional sponsors to help us reach more young people who are behind in their education and who would benefit most from a hands-on project to develop invaluable skills in resilience, problem-solving, and critical thinking.


Our Powered Glider Think Kit enables up to 20 students to get fully hands-on in the world of STEM. Teams of four students put their engineering skills to the test as they are challenged to design and build a powered glider that travels the furthest over two flights.

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Benefits to sponsors

For 50 years The Smallpeice Trust has been giving young people everything they need to fuel their passion for engineering. It all started with our founder, Dr Cosby Smallpeice, a brilliant engineer that invented the Smallpeice Lathe.

  • Think Kits can be delivered to schools anywhere in the UK. This could be to named schools or within a certain radius of your business address. Alternatively, you could leave this choice to Smallpeice who will allocate the Think Kits to some of the most disadvantaged schools in the UK.
  • Think Kits contain all the materials for 20 students to get fully immersed in STEM.
  • Helps build young peoples’ aspirations and contributes to enhanced learning outcomes and future career opportunities in STEM-related subjects.
  • Provides a fun and engaging challenge where students are encouraged to think creatively to solve problems and overcome challenges in a way that might normally be beyond their reach.
  • Contactless involvement - all packing and delivery are handled by Smallpeice.
  • Receive feedback from the teacher on the benefit of the Think Kit to their school.
  • Works seamlessly with all Smallpeice programmes; either as a standalone Challenge or as a bolt-on to STEM Days and Events.
What Our Partners Say

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