Thank you for your interest in the Coding Success programme, a collaboration between BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force.

This programme is open to non-selective state primary and secondary schools across England, Wales, and Scotland. Due to the volume of applications, processing can take some time. Rest assured, each application is essential to us, and we'll be responding to every application.

If your school is chosen for the Coding Success programme, here's what you'll receive, you don't have to pay for anything:

  • 2 LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Sets
  • Up to 18 lesson plans across three projects, crafted for the LEGO® Education SPIKE Primes
  • Face-to-face training session for 1 teacher. This covers both the set usage and lesson delivery, lasting a full day. You can choose your preferred training date.
  • Full backing from Raising Robots, an authorised LEGO® Education Partner
  • Exclusive access to a wide array of resources and videos via the online resource bank
  • The training will be conducted by a LEGO® Education Certified Trainer from Raising Robots.

For your school to enjoy the benefits of the programme, here's what we ask:

  • Participate in the chosen training session
  • Conduct all the lessons, aiming for a turnout of around 60 students
  • Share your journey with us! We'd love updates, be it videos, photos, or simple feedback on how things are going
  • Take part in a case study (if requested)

Funding for this project comes from BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force, with execution led by The Smallpeice Trust and Raising Robots. Schools participating must consent to data sharing among these partners.

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To be completed by the teacher that intends to attend the CPD session.


First Name of teacher attending CPD*

Last Name of teacher attending CPD*

Job Title / Role of teacher attending CPD*

Mobile of teacher attending CPD

Email of teacher attending CPD*

To be completed for the school where the lessons will be delivered.

If you are applying for a multi-academy trust, please complete 1 application per school.


Has your school participated in a BAE Systems Schools Roadshow event before?*

Are 25% or more of students at your school from ethnic minorities?*

Please choose your preferred training date (or select N/A if you are only signing up for the resources):

Does your school already have LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Sets?

To be completed by the teacher that intends to deliver the programme lessons.

Do you consent to the sharing of the information from this application with the partners of Coding Success (The Smallpeice Trust, Raising Robots, BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force)?

Do you agree to:

  1. attend the CPD session
  2. share an update, including videos, images, or feedback, of your experiences
  3. deliver the programme, aiming for 60 pupils to attend
  4. complete and return the evaluations provided by The Smallpeice Trust
  5. if the above requirements aren't met, you will be responsible for the costs of returning the Lego Spike Prime Kits

Do you consent to the sharing of media (videos, images, and text) and evaluation data from your participation in Coding Success with the partners of Coding Success (BAE Systems, the Royal Air Force, The Smallpeice Trust, and Raising Robots)?

We will seek your explicit permission, and the permission of anyone that appears, to use any media you share in promotional materials. If you choose not to give permission for us to use your media in promotional materials, this will not affect your eligibility for Coding Success.

Please review our Privacy Policy if you would like to know more about how we handle and secure data.

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