Biomedical Engineering (residential)

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Technology constantly changes how we develop and distribute medicine, with scientists and engineers working together to invent ever-improving methods for delivering healthcare. This four-day residential course at the University of Southampton features talks and interactive sessions run by engineers and scientists from several leading universities. This course is for Year 11 in England and Wales, S5 in Scotland and Year 12 in Northern Ireland.

Engineers working at the cutting edge of human bionics are developing new, smart prosthetic devices – artificial joints, limbs and organs – that could help thousands of amputees and arthritis sufferers around the country. Learn how engineering complements medicine and explore the variety of paths into Biomedical Engineering, a career where you can really make a difference.

‘I have enjoyed the people here and the fact that I have learnt so many skills that sometimes school doesn't always teach us.’ Biomedical Engineering Course Student 2023


23 Jul - 26 Jul 2024
Start time: 10:00 hrs
Finish time: 13:00 hrs


University of Southampton



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Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology, combining the problem-solving skills of an engineer with the scientific knowledge of a medic. Students will spend four days at the University of Southampton, engaging in interactive sessions run by engineers and scientists from the Universities of Southampton, Bath and Liverpool, and Salisbury District Hospital.

This course shows students how Biomedical Engineers improve healthcare diagnoses, monitoring and therapy, and explains the possibilities of a career in the industry. Young people will work together in teams to design and create a device that solves a common medical issue, considering the reality of their patient’s daily life and how that impacts their design.

Students will emerge with a real understanding of how crucial engineers are to modern healthcare, as well as clear advice on how to pursue their passion for STEM and choose a career in Biomedical Engineering.

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