3rd January 2024

A Recap of 2023's Transformative Initiatives in STEM Education

As we enter 2024 The Smallpeice Trust reflects on a year of tremendous growth, innovation, and impact in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Throughout 2023, the trust has been dedicated to inspiring and equipping the next generation of innovators with the skills and knowledge needed to shape the future.

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Problem Solvers

This year, we delivered 328 STEM events to both primary and secondary schools across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. A staggering 246 of these events were delivered face-to-face and 83 of these events were delivered virtually to multiple schools. Over 50% of secondary school students who took part in our STEM Days have expressed an interest in pursuing a career in engineering.

Expanded Workshop and Residential Courses: Immersive STEM Experiences

Between January and August 2023, we delivered a total of 25 STEM courses to over 1000 attendees. 18 of the courses we delivered this year were residential, 6 virtually delivered and 1 non-residential with an array of topics ranging from Aerospace Engineering to Structural Engineering. 49% of our attendees were female.

Girls into Engineering: Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Futures

The trust continued its commitment to promoting gender diversity in STEM through the "Girls into Engineering" initiative. This course aimed to break down barriers and empower young women to pursue careers in STEM fields. By providing mentorship and role models, we made significant strides toward creating a more inclusive STEM community. Our Girls into Engineering residential course saw 100 females attend and participate in a variety of hands-on practical activities.

Promoting Remarkable Diversity

This year, the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Programme received an outstanding 1,391 applications, wishing to join the programme. 831 of these applicants were from state schools, while 560 applicants were derived from independent schools.

The application process showcased a diverse talent pool, featuring students from various backgrounds. Among the applicants, 942 (68%) were male, 431 (31%) were female, and 18 (1%) identified as non-binary, emphasising the program's dedication to fostering inclusivity and diversity.

Chosen for their exceptional potential, a total of 328 Scholars received financial support and valuable mentoring throughout their A-Level or Scottish Advanced Higher qualifications. This initiative is a crucial aspect of The Smallpeice Trust's overarching mission to cultivate the future leaders of the engineering world.

In 2023, the awarded scholarships underscore the importance of encouraging aspiring engineers from diverse backgrounds believe that girls still encounter more significant barriers than boys in accessing engineering careers.

A Vision for 2024

As Smallpeice Trust concludes a remarkable year of achievements, we look forward to building on this success in 2024. With a continued commitment to hands-on, practical learning experiences and a dedication to inclusivity, our mission is to further shape the landscape of STEM education, preparing students to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We remain steadfast in its mission to empower young minds, ignite a passion for STEM, and lay the foundation for a future where innovation knows no bounds. We’re poised to continue our transformative work, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of STEM education in the years to come.

Entering 2024, we have an array of exciting opportunities to choose from for both Primary and Secondary age students!

  • Applications for our Arkwright Scholarships remain open until Friday 26th January 2024!
  • Take part in our FREE, virtual STEM Sessions on 18th March and 17th June!
  • Sign-up for our Road to RIAT: Blast off for your school’s chance to win tickets to attend RIAT 2024!
  • Plus Many, many more engineering experiences…

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