Glynis Dean

Glyn Dean recently retired for the second time from the Royal Air Force where she was responsible for the strategy and implementation of the RAF’s Youth and STEM Programme and all aspects of Diversity and Inclusion in the youth space.

Glyn’s work in the development of a range of inclusive STEM experiential learning interventions at both primary and secondary level has been underpinned by the aim of improving gender and ethnic diversity in the engineering and flying specialisations.

Supported by a number of strategic and enduring partnerships with like-minded organisations in industry, academia and the Professional Engineering institutions, her work culminated in the delivery of the largest Youth STEM Program ever undertaken by the Public Sector as part of the Service’s Centenary celebrations.

Following the successful completion of RAF 100 Glyn hung up her uniform for the final time to take up full-time residence in rural Lincolnshire.

Glyn was awarded a MBE in 2013.