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Ever wondered how a battery worked or if there is one big enough to power an entire city with energy from renewable sources? Find out about some of the challenges faced by the energy industry in the drive for a sustainable future on our Discover Clean Energy course supported by the ERA Foundation.

Battery storage technology has a key part to play in ensuring homes and businesses can still be powered by clean energy even when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind has stopped blowing. Come and join us to discover more about this and other ways engineers are working for a renewable future. This course is for Year 10 in England and Wales, S4 in Scotland and Year 11 in Northern Ireland.

‘I enjoyed the talks but especially the panel session with the engineering apprentices, which was very helpful and informative.’
Discover Clean Energy Student 2021


22 Aug - 24 Aug 2022
Start time: 10:00 hrs
Finish time: 15:00 hrs





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Battery energy storage is essential to speeding up the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. It will play an increasingly pivotal role as the world moves towards renewable energy supplies and responds to increasing electricity demands.

Join like-minded young people and listen to engineering role models as they discuss the challenges and limitations of battery technology and how to tackle these. Students will learn how batteries work and be shown how to make their own battery at home! All kit required for the course will be mailed out in advance.

Our panel of engineers from the energy industry will talk about their own career journeys and what they are currently working on, as well as answering your burning questions about getting into the sector.

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