Engineering Experience - Scotland (residential)

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Ignite your potential and learn more about the dynamic world of engineering. This course dares you to imagine the world of tomorrow, and introduces you to leading engineering organisations, which have previously included Aston Martin and the RAF. Try solving problems faced by real-life engineers, work on projects with like-minded young people and experience life away from home by staying at the University of Stirling. This course is for S2/S3 in Scotland, Years 9/10 in England and Wales, and Years 10/11 in Northern Ireland.

We will help you to develop the key skills employers look for, by getting you to work on four hands-on engineering projects: creating a water filter; building an electric car; creating a renewable energy power plant; and making a strong bridge.

Students are exposed to the different types of engineering they could study at university, including hydraulic, energy, civil, and automotive. The course also encourages students to get creative and improve their teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

‘I really enjoyed the projects because they got me thinking about how I could be innovative in designing my desired product.’
Engineering Experience Student 2021


18 Jul - 20 Jul 2022
Start time: 10:00 hrs
Finish time: 16:30 hrs


University of Stirling



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Lateral thinking is a key skill that engineers need to develop, as a big part of their job involves solving complex problems. You will witness this and learn how to develop your own approach to problem-solving by designing and making prototypes.

Alongside hands-on activities, we’ll have talks by engineers who will answer your questions about the realities of working in this dynamic industry and how to overcome the many challenges of a career in engineering.

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