CyberFirst Futures

CyberFirst Futures is a fully funded online course aimed at attracting a diverse range of students who are currently in Year 11 (England and Wales), S5 (Scotland) and Year 12 (Northern Ireland). It explores advanced cyber security threats and ways to protect against them. Course content will be delivered in a fun and interesting way and students will get to meet other like-minded young people.

The course offers an insight into the method and motivation behind cyber threats. Students explore legislation, study the typical behaviours of likely cyber attackers, and apply their understanding of how to protect networks. They even learn to secure personal devices – and how they might protect networks and devices for their future employers. This course helps those who attend stay safe online.

What is cyberfirst

CyberFirst introduces young people with a passion for technology to the fascinating and fast-paced world of cyber security. It is a programme of opportunities inspired and led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ. 

Each course is designed to inspire and encourage students from all backgrounds to explore and consider careers in cyber security, offering young people with potential the support, skills, experience and exposure needed to be the future first line of defence in our CyberFirst world. 

These CyberFirst Futures courses have been certified by the NCSC. 

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