13th February 2024

Empowering Engineers of the Future – Erin’s Engineering Journey

Last year, Erin, a young and enthusiastic engineer, embarked on our Engineering Experience Northern Ireland three-day residential course. Delivered by The Smallpeice Trust and supported by Thales UK. Erin’s experience was marked by newfound friendships, hands-on engineering projects, and valuable insights into the world of STEM.

Erin remarked “I enjoyed making new friends and making things that I have never done before.” The course provided her with the opportunity to make new friends while immersing herself in hands-on engineering projects. Among these experiences, she particularly enjoyed the practical elements of the electrical engineering topic during the course, which involved soldering and building radios. This allowed her to gain practical skills and insight into the exciting world of engineering.

During the course, Erin was able to successfully enhance her understanding of cyber security, providing her with crucial knowledge about staying safe online and how to secure information on the internet. With her newfound skills, since the course Erin has been able to apply her newly found skills to her day-to-day life.

As part of all residential courses, students are given the opportunity to explore life away from home in a university environment. Erin’s experience of university life was nothing short of enjoyable and noted that the quality of the accommodation provided was comfortable and was a positive environment for learning.

Erin’s journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of immersive learning experience, mentorship, and sponsor support. Her exploration of robotics, coding and soldering not only expanded her skillset but also reinforced her passion for engineering.

Applications for Engineering Experience – Northern Ireland 2024 are now open. To secure your child’s place click here.


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