19th January 2024

Empowering Tomorrow's Engineers: Julia’s Inspiring Journey at the Girls into Engineering Residential Course 2023

We recently caught up with Julia, one of our Girls into Engineering Residential Course students from 2023. This programme combined her understanding of engineering, forged lasting friendships and reshaped her perspective on education and future career paths. 

During the course, Julia's enthusiasm was evident as she expressed her enjoyment of the hands-on experiments and practical elements. The programme's emphasis on experiential learning left a newfound passion for engineering. 

Julia highlighted that her experience was made more enjoyable by the exposure to diversity within engineering. Over the three-day course, she acquired valuable skills, including the chance to perform ultrasound tests. She gained insights into the real world of engineering and the expectations that come along with being an engineer. Julia noted that meeting female engineering professionals provided her with inspiration and a realistic view of the challenges faced by women in the industry.

Julia stated: "It was great to gain experience for the future. It inspired me to pursue my aspirations as an engineer." The course proved to be inspirational for Julia to expand her knowledge and solidify her path in the engineering field.

The Girls into Engineering Residential Course provided Julia her first taste of university life at Loughborough University. Alongside academic insights, the experience allowed Julia to live alongside new people and build connections with other like-minded students. After the course, Julia now views university as a positive and integral part of her educational journey. 

Summing up her experience with three powerful words—interesting, fun, inspiring—Julia highlighted the programme's ability to impart knowledge while fostering enthusiasm and inspiration among participants. Her aspirations have taken a decisive turn, with Julia confirming that she was interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

The Girls into Engineering Residential Course is credited with empowering young women in engineering, as demonstrared by Julias transformative journey. This programme's mission to provide immersive experiences, exposure to industry professionals, and a supportive community has left a lasting impact on Julia, standing as a testament to its ability to ignite passion and transform perspectives among aspiring female engineers.

Booking is now open for Girls into Engineering 2024. For more information about this course, please click here


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