6th February 2024

Navigating the Skies: Isabella's Aerospace Engineering Journey Unveiled

The Smallpeice Trust recently delved into the captivating journey of Isabella, a bright and aspiring aerospace engineer, as she embarked on the Aerospace Engineering course last year. This immersive program provided Isabella with a wealth of hands-on experiences, theoretical insights, and an unwavering passion for aviation engineering.

A Hands-On Adventure:

Isabella's passion was evident from the start. "I really enjoyed how hands-on the course has been," she shared, highlighting the perfect blend of practical experiences and enlightening lectures. This comprehensive approach enriched her understanding of aerospace engineering.

The Power of Knowledge:

Reflecting on her most significant takeaway, Isabella emphasised the value of theoretical knowledge. "I learnt some more theory which really helped me understand some basics of how planes are tested and made safer," she noted, underlining the importance of understanding aircraft testing and safety protocols.

University Life Unveiled:

Experiencing university during the course was a highlight for Isabella. "I really enjoyed it! Everyone was so friendly and happy to help," she expressed, highlighting the nurturing academic environment that fostered a sense of belonging and support.

Summing Up the Course:

In three words, Isabella described the course as "Enjoyable, Fun, Experimental," encapsulating its ability to make learning engaging and exciting while promoting experimental exploration.

Career Aspirations:

The course profoundly influenced Isabella's career aspirations, with hopes of contributing to aviation engineering in the RAF, reflecting her ambition to serve within the Royal Air Force.

Encouragement for Future Participants:

Isabella enthusiastically encouraged other students to apply for Smallpeice Trust residential courses. "Absolutely do it! It is a very friendly course and is wonderful if you are interested in becoming an engineer," she urged, highlighting the transformative potential of such a programme. 


Applications for our Aerospace Engineering (non-residential) course are now open. To find out more – click here


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