22nd August 2019

What do engineers do, that you didn’t know they did?

Did you know that some people still think engineers are all male, dressed in overalls and work on some sort of dirty engine? Hard to believe isn’t it? Especially when you think of all the cool and exciting career prospects that can come with a role in engineering. We take a look at some of the most awesome and adventurous engineering jobs we could find…(there are plenty more but I only have so much space!)

Can’t tear yourself away from the Xbox? Fancy yourself as the next Fortnite creator? Then why not become a Gaming engineer?! Gaming engineers work with teams of programmers, illustrators and testers to design, develop and create new video games. Cool!

Working alongside the gaming crew are the Sound engineers that well, look after acoustics and the sound side of things! They specialise in developing innovative game audio technology and they work with the Software engineers who are there to solve all those annoying Glitching problems that present from time to time!

One step on from the gaming world is the future of virtual reality, or VR for those in the know. Virtual Reality Engineering is all about design and requires the use of visualisation techniques and 3D modeling tools as part of the process. As well as in gaming and augmented reality, VR is becoming a useful tool in the transport and automotive sector. It allows models to be created and tested without going to all the expense of producing physical prototypes over and over. Cool and useful, at the same time!

People may moan about Millennials and avocados, but you can’t deny that they are eco-conscious and ‘greener’ than many of us were at their age. As the population gets bigger, we need to think of more ways to harness sustainable sources of energy and in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We have the sun, wind, and seas available to use, as well as other untapped resources. We just need to find a way to make the most of them, in a safe and sustainable way. We need plenty of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineers to get to work to save and power our planet!

Word on the street is that if you’re brave enough and rich enough, you’ll be able to choose to holiday on the moon one day. Well, if that’s to be true then we’ll need a good few of you up there building places for us to stay and oh, providing a few small luxury items that allow us to eat and breathe and explore up there safely, and for long periods of time. Oh and we’d still like to be able to take selfies and send them back home while also day-tripping to Mars. We’ll also need space rockets and shuttles that can safely and easily take us to our destination and then bring us home again, unscathed. So, a few Space Engineers/Astronauts/Propulsion/Energy/Electronic Engineers would be good, please!

“I learned quite a lot in a short space of time”

“It was great getting to look around the space centre and have a go at mini engineering tasks”

Luckily for us, medicine and surgical procedures are better than they’ve ever been. But there’s always room to improve when it comes to our health. Research and new technology deliver new ways to treat and heal patients every day but there is always more that can be done. The future of medicine involves innovative solutions which involve using nanomedicine to treat illnesses and create new body parts out of a few cells. With more Biotech Engineers, we have more avenues to explore to treat and look after us as we begin to deteriorate!

Can’t bear to put your phone down? Addicted to the latest technology? Well, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. We can only keep developing these all singing all dancing smartphones and devices if we have pleeeenty of Electrical Engineers to keep pushing out the goods! So keep pressing those buttons and causing a spark!

And finally, not being an engineer myself but determined to find something I could do in the essential and everchanging field that is engineering, there is the role of…… Chocolate Engineer!! Okay so it’s not all about eating chocolate (sadly), but it is about ensuring the right consistency, resistance to heat and temper, as well as monitoring production levels with computers and sensors. Still sounds awesome to me. Sign me up!


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