17th May 2024

Summer of STEM Courses Filling Up Fast!

Are you passionate about science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM)? Do you want to dive deep into the world of coding, robotics, or perhaps explore the mysteries of the human body through biomedical science? If your answer is yes, then now is the time to act!

The launch of our summer of STEM courses has experienced an incredible start, with enrolments pouring in at an extraordinary rate. With just a glance at the numbers, it's evident that spaces are quickly being claimed by eager engineers, like yourself.

With a selection of residential and day courses happening at red brick universities and also a handful of virtual courses - this year, The Smallpeice Trust is providing a variety of courses, suitable for everyone!

2024 Bookings so far!

  • Total enrolments stand at over 650 students. That's a total of 73% of our available slots already taken!
  • Gender diversity is thriving in our courses, with 40% of enrolled students identifying as female, 32% as male, and 1% as non-binary. We're proud to provide an inclusive learning environment where everyone feels empowered to pursue their STEM passions.
  • This means that only around 20% of course places still remain available to book!

Follow the links to find out more about some of our courses and book your place!

Agri-Tech Engineering
On this residential course, students will discover the possibilities of sustainable farming practices while ensuring long-term food security for the UK. You'll dive into an immersive experience using robots, helping you to unleash your creative programming and practical skills as you tackle real-world challenges aimed at feeding the world efficiently while minimising environmental impact. This course is for Year 10 students in England and Wales, S4 students in Scotland, and Year 11 students in Northern Ireland. Book Now:

Biomedical Engineering
This four-day residential course at the University of Southampton features talks and interactive sessions run by engineers and scientists from several leading universities. This course is for Year 11 in England and Wales, S5 in Scotland and Year 12 in Northern Ireland. Book Now:

Engineering Experience – Midlands
Female places are still available on this residential course. From being inspired by real-life stories to gaining firsthand insights into the daily life of an engineer, this course isn't just about textbooks and theories; it's about bridging the gap between classroom learning and the practical, dynamic world of modern engineering. Set against the backdrop of the University of Warwick, this unique experience is tailored for students in Year 8 and 9 in England and Wales, S2 and S3 in Scotland, and Year 9 and 10 in Northern Ireland. Book Now:

Engineering Experience – North
Set against the backdrop of the University of Manchester, this unique experience is tailored for students in Year 8 and 9 in England and Wales, S2 and S3 in Scotland, and Year 9 and 10 in Northern Ireland. Combining fun, action-packed days with a programme of evening social activities, this course is run by an experienced team of Smallpeice youth delivery experts and supervisors and is delivered in partnership with IMI Truflo Marine. Book Now:

Engineering Experience – Virtual Couse
Run over four fun, action-packed half-days, this virtual Engineering Experience course will challenge like-minded young people to put their STEM skills to the test, from the comfort of their own home. This course is for 12 to 14-year-old students (Years 8/9 or equivalent). The course covers three different areas of engineering: cyber security, electrical and space engineering. Alongside hands-on activities, such as creating prototypes. Students will also refine their problem-solving ability, a key skill for engineers. Book Now:

Modern Structures
Students will enjoy three inspiring days at Kingston University, immersed in a vibrant STEM community. On this course, students will delve into hands-on activities, applying theory and unravelling the magic of bridge design. Experience the thrill of learning, complemented by a full schedule of evening activities! Open to Year 10 in England and Wales, S4 in Scotland, and Year 11 in Northern Ireland.
Book Now:

Our courses are booking fast, so if you've been contemplating joining us for an unforgettable summer of discovery and innovation, now is the time to secure your spot before it's too late.

Whether you're a budding programmer, a future astrophysicist, or a robotics enthusiast, we have something for everyone. From hands-on experiments to interactive lectures led by industry experts, our courses are designed to ignite your curiosity and fuel your passion for STEM.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to level up your skills, meet like-minded peers, and embark on a journey of lifelong learning. Secure your place in our summer of STEM courses today and get ready to unleash your potential!

Spaces are filling up fast – reserve yours now and join us for a summer you'll never forget! Find out more and book, here: Events | Smallpeice Trust


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