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Bring engineering to life in your classroom with a do-it-yourself Think Kit to start or help sustain a STEM Club for students in your school.

Bring learning to life

What are they?

Our Think Kits come with the tools and resources to start or help sustain a STEM Club for up to 20 students in your school. Each kit complements the National Curriculum in science, technology, engineering and maths and lets you bring these subjects to life in new ways.

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Your Think Kit design-and-make project will be the focus of your STEM Club. As part of the process, students will sharpen their skills in thinking and communicating ideas and responding creatively to briefs. They’ll also learn how to plan their time and organise activities as a team. What’s more, they can critically evaluate their work using scientific theories and models.

Projects run for up to 60 minutes each week, for up to a nine-week period. But why stop there? You can extend your sessions with your own further exploration.

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