Aerospace engineering (non-residential)

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Full for general male applications – only open for students with a sponsored code and female students.

If you’re exploring a career in aerospace engineering, this course will give you an insight into modern aircraft design and help your ambitions take flight. Grab this opportunity to speak to Virgin Atlantic engineers, use the Lear Jet Lab at Kingston University, and learn the basics of aircraft flight. This course is for Year 10 in England and Wales, S4 in Scotland and Year 11 in Northern Ireland.

Our courses combine fun, interactive learning in a university setting with access to engineers who have been in your shoes and are currently following a path you’re interested in taking yourself. This is a great opportunity to understand what a career as an engineer is really like.

‘The Flight Simulation was amazing as it gave me the opportunity to actually test out everything I learnt in lectures.’
Aerospace Course Student 2019


30 May - 01 Jun 2022
Start time: 09:30 hrs
Finish time: 17:00 hrs


Kingston University



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Working in teams with other young people at Kingston University, you will gain hands-on experience in the design and development of modern aircraft, studying the principles of lightweight structural design, efficient propulsion systems and sustainability in aerospace engineering. We’ll show you what is possible beyond school.

Students will test their designs in the Kingston University wind tunnel and have access to both the cutting-edge flight simulator and Lear Jet Lab – incredible resources that give you a glimpse into life as an aerospace engineer.

Engineers do work today that helps to build the world of tomorrow, the aerospace industry is advancing towards sustainability and by summer 2022 Virgin Atlantic’s fleet will be 10% more efficient. This dynamic course explores the reality of a career in engineering, introduces you to industry experts and sets you on the path to becoming a future leader in your sector.

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